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What's New

November 2012

Tracing Printables

Learning how to trace
Very Large - ABC's

Theme Printables

Number Printables

Tracing and Color
Color - 1 - 10
Color - 1 - 20
Count How Many - 1 thru 30
Connect the Dots

Math Printables

Addition - Page 1
Subtraction - Page 1

ABC Printables

ABC Color - A thru F
ABC Color - G thru L
ABC Color - M thru R
ABC Color - S thru Z
Fill in the blanks
Upper / Lowercase Printables
ABC Alphabetize Printables

Shapes Printables

1 Shape 2 Colors
2 Shapes 2 Colors

Colors Printables


Words Printables

Rhyme - tracing words that rhyme

Dolch Sight Words Names - A thru B
Names - C thru F
Names - G thru I
Names - J
Names - K thru Ke
Names - Kh thru L
Names - M thru N
Names - O thru S
Names - T thru Z
Days, Months, etc
Numbers, Shapes, Colors

Holidays Printables

Valentine's Day
St. Patricks's Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Fourth of July

Games & Paper Printables

Writing Paper
Tic Tac Toe * Coming *
Complete the Square * Coming *
Word Scrable * Coming *
Word Search

lilbunnyhops is a website for free preschool, VPK, kindergarten and educational printables and worksheets. I have been working on this site since 2008 and hope to keep it up for as long as there is interest in my content. There are printables for tracing, coloring, counting, abc's (alphabet), 123's(numbers), shapes, cutting, math, crafts and more. There are pages for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day. The printables also have pictures for coloring such as animals, flowers, balloons, cars, trucks, airplanes and much more. I am not a teacher or professional educator and my printables are for use at your own risk. I offer them free and really enjoy making them. For more information please see my Disclaimer or About.

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